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CosyBoard™ installation in Clifton Upon Dunsmore

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An underfloor heating project featuring UFH Supplies’ CosyBoard™ 18mm gypsum fibre overlay system.

UFH Supplies’ CosyBoard™ underfloor heating system was recently supplied for a project in Clifton Upon Dunsmore near Rugby.

The images below show UFH Supplies’ CosyBoard™ 18mm gypsum fibre overlay system. This was installed by one of our selected premium installers. These images show both our return boards as well as our straight “highway” boards.

The before and after photos of the area below the manifold show the area before the grouting is poured and the latter shows with the first layer of grouting. This is for the first floor areas only the ground floor will be installed within a traditional screed system.

Your Underfloor Heating

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Project Challenges

The main obstacle to overcome in a project like this is to make sure that the installation is planned before the process begins. It’s also important to make sure that the return panels are correctly positioned before the pipe is laid.

Why CosyBoard™?

CosyBoard™ the best choice for this project due to the floor to ceiling height restrictions. CosyBoard™ is only 18mm thick so it doesn’t require the use of floor screed etc but still has a thermal mass which helps to make the system energy efficient.

Product Features

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Groove edges are chamfered which helps the pipe to be fed into the grooves easily

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Straight panel grooves have small “chicanes” machined in them to help secure the pipe

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Fitted by one of our premium installation partners

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Allows thermal mass to retain heat to make the system more energy efficient

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Only 18mm thick, so doesn’t require the use of floor screed and is excellent for limited floor to ceiling heights

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Manufactured using high-quality gypsum fibre, which provides excellent thermal conductivity

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By cosyfloor on 20/10/2020 in Rugby