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Leamington Spa – Underfloor Heating Project

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Leamington Spa Development Supplied
with CosyFloor Wet Underfloor Heating System

CosyFloor supplied a complete underfloor heating system for a retrofit project in the Midlands area of Leamington Spa. The customer requested that the manifold was fitted in the basement, to achieve this the manifold was rotated 180 degrees during installation to allow the pipe to be fed up the wall from the basement into the ground floor above. Once fully installed the underfloor heating pipes were covered by a sand cement screed. The system provided high performance underfloor heating into the properties communal rooms. Download the full project case study below.

Your Underfloor Heating

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Product Features

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Underfloor heating system designed and supplied by UFH Supplies

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Pipes covered with a sand cement screed

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Featuring a wet underfloor heating system

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Fitted by one of our installation partners

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Manifold fitted in basement

Product Photos

Case Study


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