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What do I need to know about underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a fantastic investment for your home or workspace. Not only is it luxurious and more stylish than traditional external radiators but it will save you money over time as your energy bills will be reduced! This is because it takes less energy to heat a room when your entire floor space essentially acts as your radiator.

For those of you considering this worthwhile investment in your space, we’ve put together some key information you’ll need to know beforehand.

There are two types of underfloor heating that you can choose from, electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating. Electric underfloor heating is often known as dry underfloor heating whilst water underfloor heating is sometimes known as wet underfloor heating. Your first big decision will be working out which one of these systems will be the best fit for your space, your requirements, and your budget.

Electric underfloor heating works by installing a series of electric wires underneath the floor surface but above the floor installation. This kind of system is often available as a mat of wires so they’re easy to roll out and the mat system helps to prevent cold patches throughout your space.

Water underfloor heating is the same concept as electric, only with water pipes connected to the boiler and a manifold. Pipework is laid above the floor insulation by a plumber and then connected. Both systems are connected to thermostats so you’ll have control over the temperature of your space.

Whilst both systems are effective, the one you go for will depend on your needs and the requirements of your space – here is a quick breakdown of the benefits of each system

Electric Underfloor Heating

  • Easier to install than water underfloor heating
  • Better suited to smaller areas and spaces

Water Underfloor Heating

  • Better suited to larger floor plans
  • Slightly more energy efficient when installed in larger areas

Why you should invest in underfloor heating?

Not only is it the best feeling to have a consistently warm home and cosy floor when you first wake up, but this is an investment that will save you money over time.

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