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What is the max loop length?

The maximum loop length is dependent on the parameters of your heat source and the type of system you require. The smaller the Delta T between your flow and return on your heat source, the shorter your group lengths will become. The diameter of the CosyPipe installed will also be a factor.

If you are installing 12mm, your group lengths will become shorter; however, if you are installing 20mm, your group lengths will become larger. This is down to the velocity of water travelling through the pipework and the power of the pump pushing the water around the system. The pumps on our CosyFloor underfloor heating system are designed to work to a maximum 35kPa. The floor finish also needs to be considered to ensure the system delivers the output required with the correct length of pipe, without under-sizing the system.

There is no room for guesswork here! With so many factors to consider when designing an efficient underfloor heating system, we recommend asking one of our experts.